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New! XL Cozy Rosy Garland

New! XL Cozy Rosy Garland

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This classic and cozy garland is the perfect finishing touch to your nursery, bookshelf, or any other creative space. This garland is twice the length of our regular felt ball garland, for a total of 5.5ft of garland packed with wool balls - no spaces!

- Made from 100% wool felt - no synthetic blends.
- Entirely biodegradable and no toxic synthetic dyes.



Single - One ball garland - perfect for shelf accents or hanging on a mantle

4 Pack - 4 ball garlands - perfect for Christmas trees, banisters, or incorporating throughout your home

8 Pack - 8 ball garlands - perfect for XL trees, or gifting!!

Check us out and tag us @joyfeltsco on Instagram!!
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